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Winter Warmer Intensive with Ella Pascal

Join us for our Winter Warmer Intensive as we honour the current seasonal Ayurvedic dosha, Kapha. Dominated by the water and earth elements, by nature Kapha is cold, wet and heavy. In balance, Kapha provides us the opportunity to find the stillness to nurture and build strength for the colder months. Kapha imbalanced, can lead to heaviness in the body and mind, causing poor digestion and depression.

Through movement and sweat we can remove ama (toxins) from the body which when combined with warm, spicy foods will stimulate the digestive fire (agni) and warm your body from the inside, improving digestion and state of mind.

Ella's Yinyasa sequence will be a strong, firey and dynamic flow that will ignite you from the inside out in the heart of winter. The sequence begins with several yin poses and progressively increases in tempo and technicality. While it can be self adapted/modified for every body type and level, it offers challenging options to advance your physical Asana.

With the continuity of this 5 day intensive, the repetition of this Yinyasa sequence will inspire discipline, strength, surrender and transformation. Followed by a nourishing Kapha balancing breakfast, each day you will leave feeling vibrant, joyful and ready for the day ahead. Let's do this Hobart!


Time : Daily practice 6.00am - 7.30am

Date : Monday 23 July - Friday 27 July

Cost : Alceme Members: $120 / Non-Members $140

Includes: 5 day practice, nourishing Kapha balancing breakfast and Kapha ritual kit.

**Please note: Bookings are essential. Payment plans available. For more info or to book your spot please email

Shower facilities will be available! ✨



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