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Ana Forrest + Jose Calarco hosted by Yoga Space

  • Alceme Urban Retreat 6 Victoria Street Hobart, TAS, 7000 Australia (map)

We are so pleased to welcome Ana & Jose back to our island home for the third time. If you know of them you will understand how blessed our yoga community is ...
If you haven't encountered their teachings before then a huge welcome to Forrest Yoga!
We cannot wait to share their offerings with you in the stunning new space that is the Alceme Urban Retreat

For some background to Ana & Jose please head to 

All 3 workshops begin with a short, yet very special Ceremony of song, dance & smoke blessing. Ana & Medicine Man, Jose Calarco set the intent for the practice and honour those taking part, the ancestors and custodians of our sacred land.

FRIDAY 15th February 2019
WORKSHOP 1, 6:00pm-8:30pm

Forrest Yoga takes you on a physical and mental journey deep into the core of your own being. You will
create a heightened sense of awareness through breath and asanas, and open to the amazing quality
of feeling that lives inside of you. Use Forrest Yoga to connect to your core, shed what is no longer
useful, keep what is of value and ‘with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.” Challenge and move your
core energy into those areas where it has yet to be. Come sweat, breathe deeply and enter the incredible
mystery of your core. You will feel cleansed, refreshed and alive.

SATURDAY 16th February 2019
WORKSHOP 2, 9:30am-12:00pm

Many of us are plagued by chronic pain and injuries. With Forrest Yoga you explore what works to alleviate
your pain, break the injury cycle and facilitate healing. You will use specifically directed breath and asana to
take the fear out of using injured muscles. Learn how to give fresh blood, oxygen and nerve energy to the
painful area to unclog toxins, tension and alleviate your pain. Pain is a desperate call for help. Learn to pay
attention to this cry of pain, explore what helps the area in pain. Relax your attitude enough to experiment
with what works in order to build a repertoire of healing, strengthening poses. You learn to practice your
yoga with a quality of attention and care that teaches you to befriend those areas that hold pain, instead of
isolating them. Then, gradually you breathe free the trapped energy and release the pain. Learning how to
free yourself from pain is an incredible empowering gift to give yourself.

WORKSHOP 3, 2:00pm-4:30pm

Inversions and arm balancing poses are challenging and exciting. They rejuvenate the mind and body.
They increase circulation of blood, oxygen, and energy, stimulating the endocrine and immune systems.
Both arm balancing poses and inversions develop mental and physical strength, balance and flexibility. In
this session, learn the essential elements of these powerful poses. Learn the skills of balance and then
have fun applying them to your life.
NOTE: This session is not appropriate for pregnant woman or those with detached retinas, or wrist or arm

General Information:
Please note Forrest Yoga Workshops are not appropriate for “new to yoga” students. They are strongly focused on asana practice, not lecture or note-taking sessions. We kindly ask for no note-taking.

Participants should bring water, yoga strap at least 6’, yoga block, 2 mats (OR 1 mat + 1 large beach towel plus 2 rubber bands or ties to roll and secure the beach towel).
$55 USD per workshop OR $150 USD for all 3 workshops.
Please follow this link to purchase.